Monday, 7 January 2013

shave or not to shave!

Was traveling with a colleague and was late for a flight .
Early morning  departures , how I hate them!
The flight was from Mumbai to Auckland with a layover  Singapore!
So I was pretty grumpy with the itinerary , plus had to rush through the check in!

Suddenly I realized that my colleague Sudhir was held back  at security,
Apparently he beeped major at the metal detector , seems he had a metal rod inserted due to an accident two years back and also carried a certificate to prove so , but the security was not buying it .
I waited patiently as he explained the matter in detail to the security guys , that’s when I overheard  one of the guys saying that they had orders to check through every suspicious looking person . One of the other person added , did u look at him he looks like a pukka suspect! Better check him through .

After 15mins of drama , they let the poor guy through!
Told Sudhir the real story behind the hold up.

Got into the 5 hr long flight ,
I snoozed like a new born ,
When it was time switch planes to Singapore ,
I was presently surprised !
Wow Sudhir , what’s with the makeover?
Thought I give this clean shave a shot, this rugged almost cost me this flight,
God I hope I don’t cost me the love of my life,
So I guess I sober up before I m the oldest  bachelor in town!
This look looks good on you , I think you should stick to it , I said!

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